The Business Outsourcing Process

More companies are turning to business process outsourcing (BPO) companies in the United States than ever before to meet and support their growing needs and access high-level services. The lack of highly qualified employees in the local labor market and the inability to fund software and other assets can often prevent both large and small businesses in the USA from expanding their operations. With the help of reputable service providers, however, these organizations can access the people and tools necessary to lower labor and overhead expenses, access a higher level of expertise, increase efficiencies, and achieve individual goals.

Understanding how to outsource and what each stage looks like is the first step for many businesses, and Global Virtuoso is here to outline just how simple the outsourcing process is.

Stages of Business Outsourcing

1. Assessment

Organizations need to first assess and understand the areas or services within their business that need to be outsourced in order to maximize operation efficiency and potential. This can be a difficult process, but one that Global Virtuoso can assist with in order to cover all bases.

2. Proposal

Organizations may issue an RFI to see which outsourcing providers can help with their needs, followed by an RFQ to gain insight into the associated costs of outsourcing. Here is where Global Virtuoso will provide a comprehensive plan along with pricing to capture the full list of needs for each specific organization.

3. Contract Procurement

Contracts will then be drafted including a master services agreement, service level agreement, and non-disclosure agreement to outline the specific details of the outsourcing arrangement and to clarify expectations on both sides.

4. Implementation

In this stage, Global Virtuoso will gain access to your company’s data, information, and organizational resources required to perform the agreed-upon tasks.

5. Delivery

The longest stage, delivery represents the actual performance component where services and processes are managed by our team on an ongoing basis until the end of the contract.

Why Choose Global Virtuoso to Assist with Your Business Outsourcing Process?

At Global Virtuoso, we specialize in helping large and small businesses in the USA with accounting, aviation, and healthcare tasks in order to promote industry growth. We hire top talent in the industry and invest in the technology required to set your business apart from your competition and achieve a higher level of efficiency. To learn more about our business outsourcing process, contact us today.

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