Our People

Our People

Our People

Great people help us punch above our weight, and we draw on a broad talent pool with high levels of competence and skills across the whole range of business functions and sectors. We provide flexible, global outsourcing services in the United States for a variety of areas due to our team’s high level of expertise. We also have deep in-house resources in several key vertical markets, including the aviation sector, CareJet and a highly developed finance and accounting capability. We draw on specialists in other technical areas from our personal networks and a more formal database of experts. This wide network allows us to provide 24/7 and after hours support for a range of specialty industries. Explore employment opportunities with us.

Qualifications and Experience – the Global Virtuosos

Our team is highly qualified, with certifications including CPA, university and medical degrees, MBAs, flight dispatch licenses, Six Sigma certification, and many more. Our practice heads are international leaders in their specialist areas, with world-class qualifications and many years of experience make them true Virtuosos in their fields.

Our rapid growth and energetic team attract high-flying talents, which means we constantly add capabilities and explore new approaches. Our success enables us to reward our people well and provide excellent working conditions, which means we retain the talent that underpins our growth in the outsourcing service business.

Our Style of Business

We deliver highly competent service from the heart. Through warm and personal connections supported by a spirit of flexibility at the center of all we do, our style is based on a belief in our people, who make a difference every day for our client’s flexible outsourcing and customer service needs.

Key People

Anthony Decoste President & CEO

Dr. Anthony Decoste

President & CEO

Joyce Arcasitas, Country Manager and Group CFO

Joyce Arcasitas

Country Manager and Group CFO

Jonna Marie Hermosa Deputy Manager of Operations

Jonna Marie Hermosa

Deputy Manager of Operations

Sonny Salmassan Assistant Manager of Information Technology and Security

Sonny Salmasan

Assistant Manager of Information Technology and Security

Adrian Joseph Garcia, Assistant Manager of Administration and Compliance

Adrian Joseph Garcia

Assistant Manager of Administration and Compliance

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