Global Virtuoso Celebrates the Successful Completion of its ISO 27001:2013 Surveillance Audit

Global Virtuoso, a leading provider of aviation, accounting, and finance outsourcing services in the Philippines, has successfully passed its second annual surveillance audit, maintaining its ISO 27001:2013 certification until January 2023.

With this renewal, Global Virtuoso is again recognized for meeting and exceeding industry gold standards for information security as well as the measures it has implemented to ensure the protection of company and client data.

“With the on-going global pandemic changing the way businesses operate and paving way for hybrid and remote working environments, our ISO 27001:2013 information security management system serves as a pillar in providing uninterrupted services and secured information processing,” said Joyce Arcasitas, Country Manager and Group CFO.

Joyce Arcasitas
Anthony Decoste

“At a time when companies rely on information systems more than ever, the success of this surveillance audit shows our commitment to information security in line with our customers’ requirements and expectations,” said Dr. Anthony Decoste, President & CEO.

What is an ISO Certification?

The International Organization for Standardization, or ISO, is an independent, international agency that has developed quality, standard, and safety standards for products, services, and systems that are trusted by industries and businesses all across the world. Because of the breadth of products, services, and systems that the ISO creates standardization for to ensure consistency, there are different criteria and standards associated with each certification.

The ISO 27001:2003 certification is one of the hardest and most prestigious certifications to achieve and takes the business a lot of effort to maintain. The certification is for information technology, security techniques, information and security management systems. It guarantees that a standardized framework is being followed for information security. At Global Virtuoso, we work hard to maintain our ISO 27001:2003 certification because we want to provide those looking to outsource systems and services like these with the very best. We also want to ensure that our organization can adequately protect our databases, our people, our clients, and all of the processes that we use to serve our clients. ISO certification tells our clients that we are making good on those promises of competency and expertise.

How Does ISO Certification Benefit Outsourcing Clients?

An ISO certification is imperative for an outsourcing provider to hold and clients looking to outsource services such as accounting or healthcare should always look for this standard. The ISO certification gives clients confidence that they can trust the organization they are outsourcing systems or services to. It also assures a consistent quality of those systems and services.

ISO certifications are a stamp of approval from the biggest and most widely recognized authorities in standardization. When outsourcing systems and services to an organization like Global Virtuoso with an ISO 27001:2003 certification, clients can expect high quality standards to be met consistently, better reporting and communication, and better services for their customers overall.