Why Do Airlines Outsource Workforce Flight Planning?

Many passengers would be surprised to learn than airlines can outsource flight planning functions.

They might even be concerned about how their flight and how their data are being managed. But they needn’t be.

Why Do Airlines Outsource Workforce Planning

Because it saves money and time.

Airlines have a difficult mission – to provide safe, convenient transportation at a lower cost than their competitors.

Considering the amount of work that goes into flight planning, dispatching, load control, workforce management, customer service, and other related tasks, it makes sense to outsource the parts of the job that can be done more effectively, and more conveniently, away from the airport and the airline headquarters.

Engaging a specialized outsourced knowledge process provider such as Global Virtuoso frees the airline of a significant amount of overhead.

Besides the employees’ salaries, benefits, training; the contracted company is also responsible for recruiting, hiring, training and staffing.

An outsourced flight planning provider is much better equipped to accommodate seasonal and temporary fluctuations in staffing needs.

This provides unmatched flexibility and cost savings for the airline, which can pass that cost savings on to their customers as lower fares, or to their shareholders as revenue.

Because it’s safe.

Flight planning requires seamless and fast communication and information transfer. Changes in weather, maintenance situations, equipment availability and even passenger medical situations can require an immediate change of plans.

Providers such as Global Virtuoso often have a larger pool of skilled dispatchers and supervisors available than the airline may have on staff at any given time.  Global Virtuoso has escalation procedures in place so that a dispatcher can get immediate assistance from senior team members or supervisors who have more experience with any given problem or scenario.  They routinely manages these considerations safely.

Modern software and security make it just as safe to manage flight data off-site as it is at headquarters or at the airport – some even more so. Global Virtuoso’s electrical and communication systems operate with multiple redundancies.

Using an ISO 27001:2013 certified provider such as Global Virtuoso ensures that data and information is handled safely using technology and human systems, such as paper storage, in safe and appropriate ways.

Any change to the environment or to processes and procedures requires a thorough risk assessment to ensure that flight planning activities are not disrupted.   In many cases, these backups and safeguards to ensure uninterrupted communications and secure data management exceed measures taken internally by airlines.

Because it’s effective.

Global Virtuoso provides ongoing training internally to keep dispatchers on top of new developments and best practices.  Dispatchers operate in compliance with the civil aviation regulations of all of the countries where client airlines fly.

These specialists are able to focus on their specialty and communicate just as freely with the air crew, ground crew, and other airline team members as airline employees communicate with one another.

Need Some Assistance?

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  • Flight Planning
  • Load Control
  • Flight Data Analysis
  • Workforce Planning
  • Roster Management
  • Baggage Tracing
  • Baggage Claims Management
  • Disruption Management
  • Passenger Accommodations
  • Ground Transportation
  • Meal Vouchers
  • Level II Support for Airline Check-In Counter Agents
  • Level II Support for Airline Reservation Agents
  • Reservation Call Center – Telephone

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