Why Join Multiple Chambers of Commerce?

To many of our clients, this may seem a bit excessive – most of them simply join their local chamber, or debate whether chamber membership is beneficial.

Of course, every situation (and every chamber of commerce) is different, but the goal of a chamber of commerce is almost always to promote a positive business environment in or among a particular region or group of people.


Many of our clients are in United Kingdom, the United States and Australia.  Belonging to groups to which our  prospects also belong gives us the opportunity to work together toward the common goal of promoting the business environment.  This networking also helps us find providers, suppliers and partners so that we can continue to provide the best outsourced accounting services, healthcare services, and aviation services to our clients.


Many of our clients who don’t live in the Philippines wonder how to find a credible outsourcing partner in the Philippines.   Being unfamiliar with the area, these joint chambers of commerce provide additional access, visibility , communication, credibility and a common network of people who have invested in the whole community through their membership and various activities.   Potential customers can also see who else they may know in common.


A chamber of commerce supports member businesses. It acts as a voice for the common interests of members. If there is an unnecessary complexity or bureaucracy that impedes good business, the chamber of commerce can act as an advocate to smooth the path for all members, so each member does not have to solve those complexities alone.

The Bottom Line

Global Virtuoso has enjoyed membership in two important chambers of commerce and just joined a third because we find it extremely beneficial.

Other Reasons to Outsource Accounting to Global Virtuoso

Of course no one hires Global Virtuoso solely because we are members of several chambers of commerce!   But these memberships do open doors while prospects learn more about the other great reasons to choose us.

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