Celebrating with our Superheroes – Employee Appreciation Day at Global Virtuoso

Employee Appreciation Day

Each year during March we celebrate the amazing work of our ‘Virtuosos’ with a special Employee Appreciation Day. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to thank our team for all of their hard work and effort throughout the year, to find out a bit more about each other in a relaxed environment and generally to have a little bit of fun, as well as celebrating the milestones and successes of some of our staff.

Our 2019 event was held last Friday and for this most special of occasions we arranged for a mobile spa to be set up in the office to get everyone nice and relaxed for the day’s festivities as well as a delicious spread of buffet-style food that was available throughout the day.

Global Virtuoso, like many companies, has it’s own set of Core Values that we embrace as an organisation wherever we can to encourage our team to work collectively towards our common goals. Events like our Employee Appreciation Day are an excellent opportunity to showcase and reinforce the importance of these values to us and celebrate exceptional staff performance.

Celebrating with our Superhero Employees

In particular this year we were able to focus on three of our core values – ‘Sense of Responsibility’, ‘Trust and Loyalty’ and ‘Creativity and Innovation’. For the first two of these we were really pleased to be able to reward two long serving members of the team for their length of service with us at Global Virtuoso. Huge congratulations and a big thank you to the two recipients of the Global Virtuoso Loyalty Award for 5 years of service – Jasmin Perez and Ma. Solitaire Evora – both from our Aviation Operations Team. Which brings us nicely on to ‘Creativity and Innovation’! For this year’s event, we wanted to showcase what a ‘Virtuoso’ is – ‘an individual who possesses outstanding technical ability in a particular art or field’. So what better way to celebrate this than holding a Superhero Costume Contest!

Employee Appreciation Day at Global Virtuoso
Employee Appreciation Day at Global Virtuoso

We had a fabulous turnout of Superheroes from across the galaxies and our two winners for the best costumes were Wonder Woman (Jerilyn Quizona) and Iron Man (Marvin Lander Quijada).

Our amazing day was rounded off with a special vocal performance sung by one of our newest members of the team, Marvin Bolado – a true ‘Virtuoso’ in every sense of the word.

Employee Appreciation Day at Global Virtuoso
Employee Appreciation Day at Global Virtuoso

Our team at Global Virtuoso are always on the lookout to recruit talented individuals who are passionate about delighting their customers and further developing their knowledge and expertise.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our current vacancies please go to: https://www.jobstreet.com.ph/en/companies/494624-global-virtuoso-inc/jobs